West Hollywood And YouTubers Team Up For Public Service Announcements

Coming up with creative and relevant ways to publicize public service announcements and reach the intended audience can be difficult. But the City of West Hollywood nailed it. To spread the word that La Cienega Blvd will be closed for a month, the city enlisted drag queen superstar and YouTuber Willam Belli, along with Bianca Del Rio: winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. These two drag queens each have a large audience and a huge part of their fanbases live in West Hollywood. What better way to promote a street closure than through two of the city’s largest celebrities?

West Hollywood has also enlisted YouTuber Todrick Hall multiple times to create PSA videos for the city, including PSAs about the city’s upcoming election and public safety (don’t drive/walk and text).

These PSAs don’t just help West Hollywood spread the word. The YouTubers behind these creative videos benefit as well. Firstly, they get an awesome place to shoot. In Todrick Hall’s video about West Hollywood’s election, the city was able to block off major and iconic intersections for the video’s epic dance number. Secondly, they have a chance for more exposure. For YouTubers like Willam Belli, who have a growing YouTube channel but a large audience elsewhere, this is a great chance to drive traffic, in the form of a compatible demographic, to their channel. Having a channel promoted by a city is no small deal. West Hollywood definitely had the right idea to use YouTubers to create PSA videos.

Perhaps this could change the way PSAs are done in the future. Maybe press releases and bulletins are a thing of the past! YouTube parodies may just be the best way to create killer, engaging, and informational public service announcements.

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