YouTube Apology Brings Zoella & Gabby Lindley Back Together

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There’s something beautifully unknown about putting content out into the internet — you never know what will happen. Some videos do millions of views, some do none at all, some bring you instant fame and some win you your best friends back.

Gabriella Lindley, a UK YouTuber and singer, attempted the latter as she posted a video answering questions of fans that turned into an apology to her ex-bff Zoe Suggs. In the video, titled “Honesty,” Gabby said she’d become to stressed about fans claiming she was using Suggs to capitalize on her own fame and that made her back off the relationship. Suggs, a major YouTube star in her own right, apparently received the apology because she posted a pic to her Instagram account detailing the lovely time the two recently had together:

While this isn’t exactly news in the purest sense of the word, sometimes it’s nice to just update people that when you make an impassioned plea for friendship on YouTube, it actually can work out. Now maybe I can do the same with Miranda Sings?

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