YouTube Gaming Is Now Live!


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YouTube has just launched its second standalone offshoot!

Joining YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming is ALIVE! Going online at 10:00 AM PST, the site essentially is the same as normal YouTube –complete with all the gaming videos of traditional YouTube from PewDiePie on down. So what makes it so special? It’s about the ease of operation. The site is focused on gamers, meaning typing in “Halo” won’t bring up videos of tweens lip-syncing to that obnoxious Beyonce song. You’ll get gamer videos for the game, which is a nice bit of convenience.

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That’s the whole point of Gaming.YouTube — it’s meant to just be a little more convenient for the end user. Other cool features include game tags that allow your account to keep tabs on all new videos associated with your favorite games. No longer do you have to subscribe to a specific account, you can subscribe to a specific game. And as mentioned, since they are competing with Twitch (who they failed to purchase in a bidding war against Amazon), the live streams on YouTube Gaming are much better than on traditional YouTube, broadcasting at 60fps.

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And of course, since YouTube is so geared towards mobile now, the iOS and Android apps are also available for the gaming site. While it’s all still in beta, it’s definitely YouTube and its parent company, Google, saying, “Hey, we care about you gamers and we don’t want to lose you to Twitch.”      The question is, gamers, does it work for you?


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