YouTube Miscarriage Couple Fighting Claims Whole Thing Was A Hoax

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“We owe a big thank you to all the haters of the world. You’re a true blessing,” reads the description box below the latest video from the Sam and Nia YouTube channel. The video attached, naturally is called “Responding To The Hate Comments.”

You see, a goodly portion of the internet has gotten it into its head that Sam and Nia, runners of their eponymous channel, faked not just their pregnancy video, in which Sam used pee from the toilet to surprise Nia with a positive pregnancy test, but the WHOLE MISCARRIAGE. Yup, the haters are saying fake baby, fake test result, fake miscarriage, fake grief, which is a stunning allegation to level at two people who might just have very publicly lost a child.

Sam is not taking the allegations lying down however, and is claiming that they love the haters in spite of their comments.

Whether this holds true for Buzzfeed, who seems to be leading the charge on the claims of a miscarriage/pregnancy hoax, writing a large article that calls into question several components of their now numerous videos, including this one where they apparently tried to use the “virality” of their miscarriage to score passes to a sold-out Legoland:

There are a lot of interesting factoids that seem to fly at odds with what Sam & Nia are saying, but their fans have been sticking up for them as well. One pregnant lady even did the toilet bowl test to prove you can get a positive result on a pregnancy test. So it all could have easily gone down just like they say it did.

I do know a couple who faked a pregnancy to get better tips as waiter/waitress at the same restaurant and even someone who faked cancer because they wanted to leave their job (no, none of these people were me), so the well of human depravity certainly extends this low. But would two people be desperate enough for YouTube fame that they would pull a stunt like this?

I really hope not.

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