YouTuber Hank Green Calls Facebook Lying, Cheating Thief

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So Hank Green, one half of the VlogBros., co-founder of VidCon and an enormous YouTube star is really, really angry at Facebook today apparently. Posting on his Twitter page that “Facebook is lying…and cheating…and also stealing in order to be able to call itself #1 in online video,” Hank is officially letting slip the dogs of war (cry Havoc!) against the now-major YouTube rival.

The tweet is a boost for his post on, in which he takes umbrage with, amongst other things, Facebook’s tactic of sharing YouTube video embeds with a small potion of his Facebook fans, but sharing native Facebook embeds he makes with a huge portion of his fans. Oh and their apparent policy of looking the other way while videos are stolen from YouTube and reuploaded on Facebook by people other than the creators, a process called “freebooting.”

A growing issue with creators and the industry surrounding video cultivation and creation, Hank even cites this video by SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel creator Destin Sandlin, in which he provides a stirring explanation of how this all works:

It’s a pretty interesting accounting of a nefarious scheme to conquer the online video platform. Of course, let’s remember before we go calling Facebook completely evil that YouTube was essentially built in the same manner. One of YouTube’s major selling points in its early days was people ignoring copyright law to post songs or outright rip clips from movies and television to built their channels and their name. YouTube largely looked the other way until lawsuits started rolling in.

That Facebook happens to be doing it as an already established behemoth media company is where the sticking point is. Be sure to read up on Hank’s post for the full argument rather than just reading this brief coverage and making up your mind, one way or the other.

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