YouTuber Jesse Wellens Might Have Solved Murdered Hitchbot Case

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Ed Bassmaster — not a vandal!

Hitchbot, an experimental social robot that made its way across Canada by hitchhiking and the kindness of strangers, was found destroyed in Pennsylvania — the state that once booed Santa Claus.

Questions emerged over the weekend as to who could have done such a shifty, low-life thing — even in Philadelphia. Now Jesse Wellens, star of the Prank vs. Prank YouTube channel claims to have surveillance footage detailing the destructive act.

In an act of “Wow, that’s an amazing coincidence” Wellens and fellow YouTube pranker Ed Bassmaster were likely the last innocent people to see Hitchbot in one piece when they gave the hitchhiking robot a ride around Philadelphia and dropped him off in the Old City neighborhood where he met his demise.

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Reporters who have been hitting Jesse up left and right for interviews have also dredged up the footage from his Snapchat account and posted it on Twitter:

The footage, though dimly lit, shows a young male, alone and wearing a football jersey that appears to be the number 12 — likely either vintage Randall Cunningham or Steve Smith if it’s Eagles. Of course, it could be a Tom Brady jersey and this is some next-level troll stuff going on.

Wellens and Bassmaster have not posted any of their own Hitchbot footage to YouTube yet, but the world is now waiting to see what the prankers do with their footage and if they plan on releasing it with cleaned up resolution.

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The makers of the Hitchbot said they have no plans to track down the assailant, but Wellens has just given the internet detectives out there some stellar clues.

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