YouTuber Nearly Drowns Shooting Stunt Video — 2nd Near Drowning In A Month

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Jack Tenney, the popular YouTuber pranker is lucky he has cool-headed friends.

Attempting a pretty funny, but ultimately deadly stunt, the professional skim boarder who makes prank/stunt videos on the Joogsquad PPJP channel  decided to climb inside a giant water balloon while in a boat while in a swimming pool. Long story short, when boats take on too much water — even when it is contained inside a giant water balloon — they sink. Or if things get too top-heavy, they capsize first, Which is what happened here. The boat tipped over, spilling Jack, stuck inside his balloon, down beneath the water, where he quickly went under. You can see his legs kick at the balloon, but he is unable to break the thicker than standard water balloon rubber.

It’s not hard to see things could have potentially turned tragic if he’d filmed the stunt alone or had none of his friends thought to burst the balloon. Fortunately, one did, grabbing a screwdriver and leaping into the water as Jack fights to get to the surface against the sinking balloon.

Jack is okay now, but this definitely gets filed under prank gone wrong. It isn’t even the first near drowning on YouTube — less than a month ago, another YouTuber prankster attempted to jump off a bridge and was nearly drowned in the swift current. And other YouTubers have died attempting to grab eyeballs on the video platform. It’s a rough trade for views.

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