YouTuber Sprinkle of Glitter Launches Plus Size Fashion Line

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Sprinkle of Glitter is not just a YouTube channel name it’s a mindset. Bringing a little bit of joy to her fans on a daily basis, Sprinkle of Glitter’s Louise Pentland has just given them a lot of reason to celebrate — 10 reasons, in fact. She’s just started her own fashion line! The Londoner (and Zoe Suggs buddy) is releasing 10 outfits that fit glamorously with her lifestyle and are intentioned for full-figured women.

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Louise broke the news on her Facebook page:

“I designed the collection with the fuller figured lady in mind (sizes range from 12-32). I am passionate about curvy women having access to flattering, feminine, pretty clothes that they feel confident and beautiful in. I think that a lot of plus size ranges offer only dark shapeless sacks so this collection is so far away from that. There are brights and florals and low cut tops and sleeves and pockets and comfy fabrics and netted skirts and cat prints and copper accents and oh me oh my my wardrobe is happy for it!”

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The outfits, which officially launch today on the Simply Be website, are a collection of colorful and floral prints modeled by the YouTuber herself and already in large demand. Most of the dresses in most of the sizes have already sold out and fans are already eager to see what Louise has … wait for it … up her sleeve next!

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