YouTube’s Horror Hosts: 4 Ghoulish Channels To Make Your Eyes Bleed

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You know what YouTube needs more of? Horror hosts. Yup, those weirdos who used to dress up in creepy, goofy, or straight up sexy outfits in order to tease your eyes with the possibilities of nightmares. Usually the films they showed ended up being godawful, but there were puns and entertainment aplenty. A little something for everyone — as long as everyone was a young teenaged boy. The most famous of the horror hosts of course was Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, who had more cleavage than a Leatherface movie. Or perhaps the Cryptkeeper, that ghoulish doll who narrated the Tales from the Crypt series — he was always great for a groan.

The point is, we need more horror hosts on YouTube — but it isn’t as if there aren’t any at all. No, YouTube has pockets of delightful eccentrics who cheerfully pay homage to that which terrifies. The following four YouTube channels aren’t your standard “I review all movies and sometimes horror,” channel hosts. Nope, these dedicated few dress the part, act the part and even slip in the occasional pun. If you like your scary served with a side of silly, check into these channels for a laugh and a scare:

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Screaming Soup!

The only animated horror hosts channel!


Jump cuts, interactive storytelling and a bizarre bandaged character here will more that tickle your guts.

Dr. Wolfula

Dr. Wolfula has just gotten back in the game after a long hiatus. Good to have you back, Howlie!

MagickLanternInd’s Veronique Von Venom

Veronique has 17 episodes of sexy on the MagickLanternInd channel … I’d say we could use a whole bunch more.

Have a nice … fright! Oh wait, that’s airplanes … okay, umm … nice to MEAT YouTube, bwahahahahahahaha! Yeah, that’ll do in a pinch. 

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