Barack Obama Instagrams Amazing Alaska Trip With No Filters + Fish Ejaculates On Prez. Seriously.


President Barack Obama is visiting Alaska for three days and his plans over there are to highlight climate change issues that are happening all around the globe, especially in Alaska. Let’s just say the changes are extremely evident.

And like anyone else who is visiting a state for the very first time, Obama is snapping some shots of the Last Frontier and uploading them to @whitehouse Instagram, and it’s not just for likes and more followers. With the photos that are being taken, you have a tiny glimpse in the natural beauty that Alaska has to offer. What’s even better is that not a single one of these photos has a filter, so if there’s a shade or some lens flare, it’s all because of Momma Nature.

The Commander in Chief starts us off with a shot from the window seat:

Once he landed, he was moved to the Marine One for a trip to Seward, where the Exit Glacier is located in Kenai Fjords National Park:

One more from Marine One. -bo

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He hiked all the way to the glacier and when a reporter asked him how this was. He repled, “How’s this? Beats being in the office.”

We need to make sure our grandkids can see this. -bo

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On his hike, he stumbled upon a bear. Thankfully, this bear didn’t want to attack the president or anything. He just wanted a selfie.

Glad this was the only Bear I met in the park. -no

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For the record, the president will also be appearing in an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, a show where Grylls takes a different celebrity into the wild and they live off of the land.

In the past 200 years, Exit Glacier has shrunk by 1.25 miles, due to climate change. Along the glacier are markers that show how much it has melted over the years, and Obama gets a shot with a marker that was nailed back in 1961.

At the very end of his second day in Alaska, the president visited Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula. The shots that the president takes are absolutely breathtaking.

A spectacular end to day two in Alaska. -bo

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On his third day, Obama did a bunch of miscellaneous activities.

Got to meet Kotzebue’s own Iditarod champion John Baker and Feather, one his puppies. -bo

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The photo above is a prime example of how climate change is affecting lives. Since the water levels rise more and more, people actually have to move out of their homes and find a new home. So many questions come up like how, where, and when.

And since this JUST HAPPENED, we thought we’d through it in as well.

The President, while handling a steelhead trout or something (we don’t know fish, that was a guess), apparently used his silky smooth touch because this fish decides to blow its load (hmm, gotta be a nicer way to say that …) all over POTUS. Secret Service promptly stepped in and worked the butt. No, not really.

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