Buzzr Launches Family Feud Season 2 Today!

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Buzzr, or as you may know it, that one gameshow channel on YouTube, has launched the second season of Family Feud. Yup, the second best gameshow on TV is the best gameshow on YouTube (Jeopardy rules eternal!). And if you check in today, you can join in the fun right from the get-go.

Hosted by Adam Lustick of the BillyAndAdamTV YouTube channel, we get to watch some of our favorite YouTubers go head to head as they guess what 100 people were thinking about any given topic.

What’s beautiful about this show, in addition to getting to watch awesome Family Feud antics, is that we get to explore new personalities to fall in love with. Basically, we get a fun game to entertain us AND we get to learn some new personalities we otherwise might not have heard about. Lustick, for instance, is a natural as a host. Fun and energetic, he might actually be too quick-witted for his own good as he felt compelled to apologize for being too snarky. No apology necessary, Adam, that was a delightful burn.

This week’s competitors are DangMattSmith & Lexie Lombard — so you know it will be a good matchup.

Thanks Buzzr, you do good work!


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