Can YouTube Buzz Predict Flops As Well As Hits At Hollywood Box Office?

Krampus the legend is terrifying. Krampus the movie hopes to also terrify you, but would like to score some of your hard-earned money while doing it. Of course, considering its reception so far on YouTube, it’s going to have a tough battle. The horror/comedy starring Adam Scott has reached just 13,000 views since it dropped today — and since YouTube buzz might well be the barometer for how things do at the box office, that could be bad news.

The film, which seeks the same buzz that buoyed Snakes on a Plane, tells the story of a German demon who comes for bad kids people on Christmas — sort of the creepy anti-Santa. And here you thought Krampus was just something American Dad thought up. Or at least I did …

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.17.34 PM

YouTube buzz, the same thing that picks up trailers for potentially interesting flicks and propels their trailers to millions of views, is especially effective at picking what movies will do very well at the box office, but it also works the opposite way. Recently, the lack of interest and positive engagement with the trailer foretold dire news for Paul Rudd’s Ant Man, and low it came to pass that it was Marvel’s lowest-domestic grossing modern era movie.

Beware Krampus, but perhaps beware the YouTube buzz more. It might just save you a couple hours of your life and a few bucks too.


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