Celebrities Who Are Real-Life Superheroes: Joe Minoso

In this recurring feature, we highlight videos of celebrities using their fame to do some good. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find examples of this, so we figured we’d share with you anytime a video of a celebrity acting like a real-life superhero comes our way. This time up it’s Chicago Fire and Man of Steel actor Joe Minoso.

joe minoso

We skip leg day. This guy is saving lives and STILL getting his squats in.

Joe Minoso got an up-close look at the Superheroics on display at the end of Man of Steel, since he played the role of a Metropolis Police officer (they should call themselves the Metropolice, that’s a no-brainer). Considering Joe has also starred in Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, the guy has a thing for playing a boy in blue. But he’s also smart enough to know that being a real life first responder means a lot more than just playing one on TV (or in Superman movies). That’s why Joe got all his cast mates together, from both Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire, and organized a night of Whirlyball that not only helped entertain a bunch of real first-responders, and their families, but also raised money for the 100 Club of Chicago. The 100 Club works to support the families of fallen first responders.

Btw, did you know that there is a heated rivalry between the cast of Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. This night of charity and giving back also ended up letting them declare which cast features the dominant whirlyball players, and despite what the pre-game smack talking may have led you to believe, it was not Chicago Fire’s year. Chicago PD may have won the cup this year, but it’s the 100 Club that really got the win.

Watch the video to find out just how much money was raised for the families of fallen officers.