Destiny: The Taken King, AKA Baby I Want You Back

destiny taken king

Destiny, baby, I know we broke up a while back but you’re looking pretty good these days. Unf.

When we first got together it was a whirlwind romance. I went out at midnight a bought the Glacial White PS4 bundle. Slipped you in the disc tray and it was magic. Your graphics were beautiful and your controls were tight, even though your voice acting was really awkward.

white ps4

Sorta looks like a giant block of cocaine

Riding my speeder bike across the cold, beautiful surface of the moon as stars crested into view was something I could do again and again. And I did. Again, and again and once more after that.

The honeymoon was over and I began to see the cracks in our relationship. There was just no content, the SAME quests and strikes over and over ad nauseam; I could go days without an upgrade.

An unbalanced Catch-22 PvP experience where the only way to upgrade some guns was to play against people that you couldn’t beat because they already had the best guns!

A paper thin story: The Traveler is the giant ball over the city, and it’s dead. I mean, are most giant balls ever alive? Peter Dinklage sleepwalks through a performance as your little floating guide. The game literally has a character tell you that she doesn’t have time to explain anything to you. Yea, I’m starting to take that hint.

And I wasn’t the only one. Redditor btg7471 peeked into the PS4 destiny trophy list and found that less than 30% of people will ever equip an exotic. Less than 20% have completed a Raid.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.20.36 PM

But damn baby, enough of the negatives; I can tell you’ve been making a lot of improvements; you’ve been doing you. Baby steps with your other DLCs: The Dark Below and House of Wolves (both of which you’ll need to be able to play The Taken King) and now you done and come out with The Taken King and, in the immortal words of NSYNC and J.T. “Just tell me what to do now, cause I want. You. Back.”


What’s Changed?


It’s no longer some weird obtuse metric based off of your light level that you have no control over. Did you used to spend hours and hours on the same creepy tunnels only to end the night with no progress? Yes. You did. You don’t have to lie to me. This is a safe place. Days with no new gear meant not being able to do the higher end content that was just sitting there TAUNTING you.

destiny lightWell that’s gone. Now levels and light are two TOTALLY different stats. Levels are handled like in any other game with pretty much any quest or strike (instanced dungeons for you and your friends to wade through with a killer boss at the end) pushing you towards level 40. That means no more grinding away for hours only to make no headway (like at a real job.), now almost any activity in Destiny will give you progress and help improve your stats.

I appreciated Bungie trying out something new with the old light system but the novelty didn’t outweigh the problems so this is one change I was very much looking forward to. Oh and your old character will automatically be ported over to the new version with a pre-calculated experience and light value.


kardashian destiny vault

Apparently double. Finally Bungie is letting me put more junk in my trunk. I don’t know about you but I used to literally just sit there and agonize about breaking down some of my old rare items.

I created imaginary complex scenarios where I end up going, “AND THAT’S why I need to keep this old rocket launcher.” (I’m also a hoarder but that’s neither here nor there.) With an expanded vault it’ll surely alleviate some of this stress off our backs, until, like, 2 weeks when we’ve filled THAT up too.

They’re also adding an exotic catalogue that keeps track of EVERY exotic piece you’ve come across and can be rebuilt for some glimmer and exotic shards. Across all your accounts! HOARDERS UNITE!


As you moved into the really tough Nightfall content of the original Destiny, you probably started to notice the same two setups for your fellow Guardians. Everyone was either a Defender Titan or a Sunsinger Warlock (Hunters you’re on notice.) because they offered the most in Strikes and Raids.

Well if you got sick of your old setup then The Taken King’s got you, fam. Brand new subclasses with brand new skills and abilities for your Guardians: A grenade that calls down lightning or spells that create walls of light to zone out threats, OR throw big, fucking, burning hammers.

The expansion is still fresh so it’s hard to see what kind of impact the new subclasses will have but I think being able to float around like Emperor Palpatine and shooting electricity is an argument in itself.


Firstly take a look at the opening cinematic:

In less than 5 minutes I have more context about the universe of Destiny than in the nearly 100+ hours I played of Destiny 1.0. We’ve got new enemy types, three to four new strikes and a new raid.

We’ve spent months unraveling the mysteries of the Hive and besting their champions. Now the big bad Hive daddy has come back and he’s looking for the guy that killed his son. Psst, that’s us. What!? Story progression? In Destiny? A clear focused villain and an actual cast of characters? Whaaaa? It reads like a reverse Liam Neeson movie set in space with space guns.


The Taken King starring Oryx! “I will find you, and I will kill you!”

Listen to the vids closely and you’ll notice they’ve replaced Peter Dinklage as Ghost (he’ll live) with Nolan North from Uncharted, Lego Super Heroes, and, well, pretty much every video game ever.

All this plus a cleaned up user interface, better quest log system, and new sweet guns and I’m getting the feeling that this is the game Destiny should’ve been in the first place.

It’s clear Bungie heard our complaints and has made presentation and pushing content a bigger focus. Hell our very first missions is bookended with juicy cut scenes and lively characters, and if this is any indication of where Bungie is taking Destiny well then…..Justin…take it away.