Did YouTube Pranksters Actually Get A Gun Pulled On Them?

TwinzTV, a 500,000+ subscriber prankster channel on YouTube might be lucky to still be making videos today after their latest prank. Footage filmed during the course of the “gag” shows them confronting black guys on the “mean streets” of Compton and threatening to kick their skulls in. Of course when it comes down to actually scrapping, the TwinzTV bros drop down out of their clothes to reveal they’re wearing Borat-style mankinis.

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Fun joke, right? Well, it might almost have cost them their lives. “Might” being the operative word there. Two of the pranksters are pulling their challenge shenanigan when one of a group of men they confront sneaks off. He then returns behind them, gun pointed at the TwinzTV crews’ heads. Shit ALMOST goes down until the boys drop down to their mankinis and everyone has a good laugh.

It would be quite harrowing — if it were real.

Note the cameraman never flinches when the gun is pulled out? He just calmly keeps recording … as if it were no big deal his buddies are about to be murdered. And we don’t even need to get into the idea that everyone on the streets of Compton is A. A black guy B. Willing to throw down with anyone at the drop of a hat. Would you gamely fight someone who came up and claimed they were going to savagely beat you? Or would you look for an exit strategy to get away from a clear lunatic?

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Compton, for all its legacy, isn’t nearly as crazy as they make it out to be. More likely, they went and found a bunch of randoms willing to play along with their chicanery. That’s more in line with the people in the Compton I know. But then, kudos, I guess to TwinzTV for keeping the ‘hood image of the city alive.

The gun part begins at the 3:07 mark. Judge for yourself.

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