Don’t Know Marvel’s Jessica Jones? You Will. Netflix Picks Up Superhero Series

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Jessica Jones, one of the lesser names in the comic book world, is no less a badass than her peers. She’s funny, sarcastic, can fly and has that all-important super strength. Also, she is a major tie between the action hero universe, bridging Spiderman to Luke Cage to Hellcat. And now you’ll get to see her adventures played out on the small screen. Netflix has picked up the series and scheduled it for a November 20th release date.

Starring Krysten Ritter from Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (or probably better known as Jesse Pinkman’s doomed girlfriend in Breaking Bad), Jessica Jones is a NYC detective who users her superpowers to stop all manner of evildoers, but none so insidious as Dr. Kilgrave, played by beloved Dr. Who actor David Tennant, who features as the series’ supreme villain.

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Part of Netflix’s planned “Defenders” camp that includes the Daredevil series released earlier this year, Jessica Jones will be followed by a Luke Cage series (Jessica’s love interest in the comics), as well as one for Iron Fist. According to Time, there will also be a miniseries that eventually links all four characters together as a gritty street version of The Avengers.

A teaser trailer was released today to spread the excitement, but don’t get too excited, this thing is teaser in the extreme sense of the word:

Jessica Jones, which will air its entire season at once for premium binge watching, was written by Melissa Rosenburg, the head writer on excellent serial killer series Dexter. Of course, she also wrote the Twilight movies, so this thing could really go awesome or awful. Let’s hope it rules — it’s about time a girl superhero had a good series of her own. Dark Angel, Buffy, and Dollhouse were all so, so long ago. And I don’t think anyone actually watched that Wonder Woman TV movie that allegedly aired back in 2011.

Yeah, we definitely need Jessica Jones to save us from the superhero sexism curse.


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