Elliott Morgan Talks The Opulent Life On New Series The Study [INTERVIEW]

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Elliott Morgan always had impeccable taste. You could see him hovering, beacon-like, over the hoi polloi back when he was on Sourcefed, dispensing withering bon mots like some new-age Oscar Wilde. Now he’s on his own, living in a posh penthouse and savaging all which dares to call itself “news.” Oh and did we mention it’s for the Sourcefed channel again? Yeah, those two seem to go together like crabs and pubic lice, Jared Fogle and “footlong” jokes caviar and crackers. Pretty fantastic stuff, really, the new series is called The Study and it just might become your new favorite thing to watch on YouTube — provided you don’t seem to suffer from those low self esteem issues that constantly cripple the > beau monde.

Popping up on Saturdays, the trendiest day of the week, The Study gives us Elliott at his dishiest as he picks apart the news that interests him. Of course, considering how ab-fab he is, it will ALWAYS interest you as well. Elliott, who is one of the busiest folks in the business we call show, has brought this project upon himself and you can see why — when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. And clearly Elliott, who emphasizes the figurative middle name “Cash” here (or is it “Cocaine”?), is at play on the series, as he pontificates on our world.

You should absolutely check out The Study if you consider yourself fabulous, or even just if you are in awe of people who are fabulous. But first, get the scoop on what is going down with Elliott as his career goes up. We had some questions that were in desperate need of answering and Elliott C. Morgan was good enough to oblige us.

I may not be some big city muckety-muck journalist, but I remember you quitting Sourcefed. What the hell are you doing back on Sourcefed?

Elliott: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I host for Lip Sync Battle, as well as Mental_Floss and various other outlets, but SourceFed? I’ll look into this and get back to you.

Who came up with the name “The Study” and was there ever a concern that an ambiguous name might get lost on YouTube?

Ambiguity is one of my favorite things, among all the other things, so maybe it’s not really one of my favorite things…. Anyway, I came up with the name when the show was being developed, and when the show became what it is now, we just decided to keep it. I didn’t want to spoon-feed the premise of the show to people, because there’s enough of that on YouTube, so I like the vagueness.

Vape pens in real life — love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Great question! I don’t frickin’ know. I love how douchey it looks, though. I actually got that thing at vidcon at some weird party with mermaids and I found it ten minutes before we started shooting. It has nothing in it, just flavored oil. I don’t even know if oil is the right word. I’ll ask Elliott, if he ever returns my phone call.

Will we see cameos from your old Sourcefed costars or are they off having their own lives?

That’ll depend on if they want to steal Elliott’s limelight. If they can do it in a classy, sophisticated way, like being coked out on the couch in the background or laying in a puddle of their own blood, then perhaps.

If you were insanely rich, what is the first “crazy” thing you would buy?

The Rock’s Instagram account. It would be all the same type of photos but with me instead of him. And I wouldn’t tell anyone or acknowledge it. It would just be this scrawny turd giving life advice and using a lot of hashtags. I’d shave my head for it, too.

What does the shooting schedule look like? How long does an ep take to film versus when it broadcasts?

One of my favorite things about SourceFed, when I used to work there and no longer do, was the fast turnaround time. We shoot it on Friday morning and it goes up Saturday. On Thursday evening, I write it while on my couch in my apartment drinking whiskey, because sometimes life imitates art.

If I had a mixtape that only had Blue Oyster Cult’s “Burning For You” repeated over and over — would you pass it along to Steve Zaragoza for me?

Yeah, but he has like an entire outfit of my clothes, so when he gives me my clothes, I’ll give him the dang mixtape. Sorry to get you involved in this drama, man. You know how YouTubers are.

You’ve been a part of a few hit series now — what’s the secret to YouTube success?

I am not the one to answer this. You know who should answer this? Tyler Oakley. I love that dude. That’s what pissed me off about that New York Post article trashing YouTube. I agree that YouTube is largely a steaming pile of crap, but he targeted some of the most talented, hardworking, and charismatic creators on the medium.

What’s been your favorite memory from working in YouTube so far?

As much as I’m grateful that the chapter is closed, because I no longer work at SourceFed in any way, I will always have happy memories of going absolutely batshit insane behind closed doors with Lee [Newton] and Joe [Bereta]. My butthole still hurts.

What do you have coming up in the next couple minutes?

I gotta run to a friend’s house and then go to the bar with Joe. We’d invite Lee, but I think she’s in Prague or something. Idiot.

What did I tell you? Classy AND sophisticated — especially all that butthole talk. I’ve been telling my bosses we need to add more “butthole mentions” if we want to steal some of Vanity Fair’s crowd.


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