Facebook Sued Over Photoshopped Nude Pics

A newly minted lawsuit is gracing the desk of Facebook’s lawyers this week, all thanks to a little photoshopped pornography. The plaintiff in question, Meryem Ali, had the unfortunate luck of having an ex-bff create a fake account in her name and add nude pictures with her face photoshopped on them.

So why is Meryem getting all huffy-puffy at Facebook? Shouldn’t her ex-bff get the majority of this wrath? Something tells us that her ex-friend doesn’t have a billion dollar fortune to her name, so Facebook is unfortunately the scapegoat. Meryem is suing for 123 million dollars, technically 10 cents per each Facebook user.

Although we’re calling malarkey on this whole deal and its absurdity, there is something working against Facebook’s favor in this whole debacle. Their achilles heel may in fact be their face-recognition software — that handy-dandy thing that knows which person you are in your picture. Meryem’s point is if Facebook can use their genius powers to detect faces in pictures to suggest tags, why don’t they use that power to detect nudity & instantly deny the pic from being uploaded? For pete’s sake, Facebook takes down pictures of mothers breast-feeding. How did a photoshopped nude pic slip under the radar?

Chances are, Facebook will settle out of court, and give the wonderful Meryem Ali a lump sum to ease the pain of those hachet nude pics.

Do you think it’s fair for Facebook to get the blame? Or do you think Zuckerberg is so rich, he could stand to lose a little pocket change?