Five Old School Games Recreated in Mario Maker


In case you haven’t played it yet, Nintendo’s latest game, Super Mario Maker is fun. Really, really fun. Players are able to customize their own levels for everyone’s favorite videogame plumber to leap through, and it’s incredible to see the creativity – and lunacy – that the Nintendo fan community has produced.

If you’re contemplating getting the game but you’re not that much of a Mario fan, fear not! The game works with all existing Amiibos, changing the look, if not the powers of Mario, so players are able to build levels based on a wide variety of different games. It’s still only Mario tilesets and rules, but that’s not stopping some of the brightest among us. Here are some of the most ingenious levels that should convince any Wii U owner that Mario Maker is worthwhile:

Donkey Kong Country

Mario and Donkey Kong are long term rivals, but they fit together oh so well. This course recreates a level from the classic SNES title Donkey Kong Country, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It really shows the upper levels of what can be made in Mario Maker.

Flappy Mario

Flappy Bird was a mobile gaming craze that went nuts last year, but it drew a lot of criticism for having sprites that were clearly heavily influenced by the Mario franchise. Now, with Mario Maker, the game’s visuals fit in perfectly.

There are a lot of different versions of Flappy Mario as many gamers have taken a stab at recreating it, each with their own twist, but the premise is the same as the original game: get through the pipes. Don’t die. Good luck!


This level works exceptionally well. Inspired by Nintendo’s classic scifi exploration game, Mario has to jump and dodge past a variety of enemies, and has to figure out how to unlock different areas through using the power ups that can be found hidden around. Players really have to use their heads to figure out how to get around, so it’s well worth a play if you’d like a challenge, or you’re a fan of the Metroid series.

The Legend of Zelda

Another franchise that many gamers have taken a stab at in Mario Maker, The Legend of Zelda is another fan favorite and the attention to detail that a lot of these levels show is astonishing. It’s also very impressive to see a top-down game world recreated as a side-scroller, although be prepared to die a lot as you get the hang of jumping to move up.

Super Shmup Bros

If the other levels so far were too easy for you or if you’re just a big fan of classic shooting games like Xevious, you might want to try this shoot ‘em up game that puts Mario in a flying clown toy and asks to you avoid getting spiked to death by flying enemies. This one’s not for the faint of heart, but completing brings an enormous sense of achievement.

There are plenty of other fantastic levels to play on Mario Maker, with new ones being invented all the time by eager fans. The game offers countless hours of entertainment, whether through playing other people’s levels or designing your own, so fans of old school platformers will have a blast.

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