Game of Thrones Season 6 LEAKED Set Photos Hint at Plot [Spoilers]

Jon Snow has a kingdom (probably), Dany is Safe(ish), and war comes to Riverrun (but who leads the offensive?)


A batch of photos just dropped from the sets of Game of Thrones. What can they tell us about where the show is headed in Season 6? Spoilers for Season 5 follow.

Jon Snow is Alive AND Taking Up His Kingdom

jon snow game of thrones

After Jon Snow’s death at the hands of the Night’s Watch, Kit Harrington said he wasn’t coming back, which was confirmed by the creators and HBO. Since “Mother’s Mercy” aired we’ve been given a lot of evidence that while Jon Snow might not be back, someone who looks a lot like him will be resurrected. This is merely the most recent proof. Kit Harrington hasn’t cut his hair that he hates long, he was seen and photographed near the set in Belfast, and then there’s this video that people haven’t brought up nearly enough in the Jon Snow isn’t dead argument.

We’ve been over a number of the ways Jon might actually be returned to us already, so check out this article if you want more on that.

Jon Snow’s resurrection isn’t a surprise, but what Jon is wearing in this photo is. They aren’t the clothes he died in, and he isn’t blue or corpse-y, so it seems any theory about Jon Snow becoming a Wight, or the next Night’s King, or leading the White Walker attack on the Wall isn’t true. Jon appears to be wearing the same outfit often donned by Robb. And Ned. Meaning Jon is probably leaving the Wall in Season 6, and the fan-battlecry, “Jon Snow is dead, long live Jon Stark,” may be exactly what comes to pass.

This isn’t without some hints along the way already. Stannis offered to legitimize Jon last season, which Jon refused because of his Night’s Watch oath, but the Night’s Watch made it clear they don’t want him as Lord Commander. Also this: In the book A Storm of Swords, Robb made Jon his heir before his death at the Red Wedding. Jon has a claim to Winterfell (and it’s easy enough to imagine a document proving this surfacing in the show), but Jon has also still bound to the Wall. Now my Watch begins, it will not end until my death… Oh, wait.

Jon died. If Jon rises from the dead his vows to the Night’s Watch have been fulfilled. His Watch has ended. Also your buddies stabbing you to death can really sour a friendship, and with Sam gone, Jon will probably want to get as far away from the Wall as he can. If he does leave the Wall behind, we can expect him to become a player in the Westeros civil war, perhaps taking up Robb’s mantel as King in the North.

Dany is Safe-ish


When we last left Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons was stranded with a wounded Drogon, as a horde of Dothraki warriors bore down on her. Daarrio and Jorah set out to find her. If anyone in Game of Thrones is safe from death it seems like it’d be Dany as the “fire” part of “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Still, guess we would have said the same thing about Jon and “ice.” But see the above…

Anyways, it doesn’t really make sense for Daenerys to die before even setting foot in Westeros or doing anything about the White Walkers. So it does make sense that the above photo shows things going good for our Khalessi. Daarrio is by her side, and she doesn’t appear to be a Dothraki prisoner.

This photo begs another question, however: where is Ser Jorah Mormont? This photo could mean Jorah is dead. Daarrio could have killed him on the road. Or Jorah could have succumbed to greyscale, although GoT isn’t exactly known for characters dying of disease. Or is Jorah just somewhere off camera or left in the desert? Daenerys wasn’t his biggest fan last season. All we really know is he isn’t there.

The War Will Come to Riverrun

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This appears to be a castle wall with the Tully’s emblem (the late Catelyn Stark’s family), meaning we will see more of Riverrun. Riverrun is Tully castle. In season 3 we met Edmure and Bryndon “the Blackfish” Tully, Catelyn Stark’s brothers. Edmure is the one who got married at the Red Wedding, and he’s still in Walder Frey’s dungeon following the massacre. The Blackfish (the competent one) escaped the Red Wedding, and in the books we know he made it to Riverrun. On the show he just sort of dropped off the map, but based on this photo we will most likely see more of him.

In A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons Jamie Lannister has put Riverrun to siege. But here’s the thing: in the books, Jamie was not involved in the Dorne plotline, and it never got as ridiculous as on Season 5. So for the adaption we have some changes in store. There’s no way Jamie is done with Dorne. They effectively declared war by murdering his daughter. So Jamie will probably be embroiled in another lengthy boring conflict. If Jamie is going to siege Riverrun this season then Dorne will either need to be wrapped up quickly (by Ellaria Sand being executed?), or Jamie will have to be dragged away from Dorne, perhaps by Kevan Lannister, to deal with Riverrun.

Technically, though, we don’t need Jamie to go to Riverrun. At the moment Ser Loras is still in the Sparrow’s prison in King’s Landing, but he was never there in the books. Instead Cersi sent him to siege Dragonstone, the fortress of Stannis Baratheon, to separate Margery from her allies. That probably isn’t going to happen on the show since Stannis is dead, but Ser Loras could get out of the Sparrow’s prison and be sent to Riverrun on the show. Jamie could come later, leaving time for him to wrap up whatever shenanigans are going on in Dorne this season.

What About Everyone Else?

There’s still a lot about Season 6 to be revealed – and we’re finally nearing the point that book readers’ advantage over everyone else is beginning to wane. We still have Arya, Cersi, maybe even Gendry to follow up on. Plus Bran is coming back this season! There’s so much yet to happen!

These are probably just the first few of many set pics to come, so be sure to check back for more info as soon as some new ones are released!