Girl Posts YouTube Video To Find One Night Stand Who Knocked Her Up

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Natalie Amyot has a big-ass problem. She’s a French girl who got pregnant by a one night stand while on vacation in Queensland, Australia. And now she’s trying to track the guy down via YouTube.

She doesn’t know his name or much of anything about him except he’s got blonde hair, blue eyes and is 183 centimeters tall roughly (6 foot, for you Yanks). Yeah, good luck with this.

Here’s the thing that strikes me as odd though: I had to watch a commercial to watch this video. Yeah, she monetized it. Which makes me think one thing: FAKE!

Yeah, there’s definitely something off about a video of a girl who is so desperate to find the father of her oven bun that she spreads her dirty laundry to the world, but doesn’t have a name or a nickname for him or anything.

More likely this is the work of a marketing company who wants to demonstrate their viral ability to clients. And frankly, they’re just ruining YouTube for the rest of us.

What do you think?

And share this, wouldja? Lisa needs braces.

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