Here’s Why We Need Pacific Rim 2 (So Please Don’t Cancel It!)

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2015 has been a tough year in entertainment. Jon Stewart and David Letterman retired, Key and Peele ended its 6-year run, and someone thought that Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAs would go off without a hitch. But the biggest tragedy of 2015? Legendary Picture’s decision to indefinitely delay production on Guillermo Del Toro’s sequel to the coolest movie ever, Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim was one of the only truly original blockbusters in recent memory. Never once was the story line weighed down by the expectations of a fan base that already knew what was “supposed” to happen. The robots and aliens weren’t designed in constant fear of looking too much or too little like the original models. No one was screaming about how Guillermo Del Toro was ruining their childhood.


Yes, Pacific Rim was unique, original, and awesome. It knew exactly what it was: a campy, ridiculous, two hour thrill ride that never took it self too seriously. At one point the Gipsy Danger uses a freighter ship as a sword.

It used a freighter ship.




(Nevermind the fact that it also has a real sword.)


So yeah, we want Pacific Rim 2. Here’s a few reasons why:

The biggest unanswered question the first film left for itself is what’s going to happen with Hannibal Chau. The enigmatic tradesman and Kaiju aficionado showed he had plenty of power, and he’s probably a little pissed after getting eaten. We only get brief glimpses of his mob-like Kaiju black market, but we know that he is very interested in Dr. Newton Geiszler’s ability to drift with a Kaiju. To make matters even more interesting, the second time that Geiszler and his partner Gottlieb drift with a Kaiju, it is deep in the city where Chau’s men have already been busy picking apart the other monster’s remains. The equipment they use could have easily been stolen and relocated to Chau’s secret bunker. Selling Kaiju bone dust for $500 an ounce is one thing, but offering the chance to see into the mind of a Kaiju would probably prove too profitable of a venture for Chau to back down from.

We want Pacific Rim 2 so we can see the growing Chau business empire and the crazy Kaiju drifting experiences he offers. And it’s not hard to imagine some crazy (and awesome) scenario where, unfortunately, the large number of drifts somehow help the Kaiju left in the Kaiju dimension to rapidly open up a brand new rift and come roaring back in a big, bad, way. Chau, of course, would refuse to shut his business down, and our heroes would now be faced with stopping both the threat of Kaiju on the shores of the ocean and Chau’s reign of terror.

Lets not forget that Pacific Rim is about aliens fighting giant man-made robots. Anything is possible.

hannibal chau kaiju remedies

Pacific Rim 2 would also give an incredible chance to get to know some of the other Jaeger pilots better. The Chinese team’s robot Crimson Typhoon, for example, and their Russian counterpart, Cherna Alpha. These were legendary fighters that got piled into one battle and destroyed in less than 30 seconds.

We want Pacific Rim 2 so we can really get to know their successors, as well as other countrys’ new and improved robots. In Pacific Rim, we learned that the supposed giant wall was not useful at all in keeping Kaiju out. No way the world makes the same mistake again in Pacific Rim 2, so it created a brand new Jaeger division, big as it was in the heydey glimpsed in Pacific Rim‘s opening sequence. We finally get to see the inner workings of a Jaeger division when their not on their last legs of funding. This could also tie in to the Chau plotline, because a Jaeger army vs. an army of Kaiju brought through the portal via thousands of drift attempts would be amazing.

Unless Pacific Rim 2 is actually a prequel, then all bets are off. What about a chance to see the first Kaiju fight with no Jaegers, the fight that took 3 days and 35 miles to stop and caused chaos and destruction everywhere. That would also give us a chance to bring back Idris Elba into the mix and, let’s be honest: he’s the best part of pretty much any movie he’s in. His character barely mentions the time he commanded a Jaeger with no partner. I want to see that fight go down. Perhaps we would even get to witness the first time he saves, and subsequently adopts, Mako.

cherno alpha

The other big piece that Pacific Rim fans found themselves calling for was the potential inclusion of famed movie monster Godzilla into the mix. Can you imagine watching a newly outfitted Gipsy Danger take on Godzilla in combat? Or better yet, what if human and lizard joined forces to protect earth from the Kaiju threat that has returned to earth? Godzilla is, after all, a man of the people.

And there’s precedent – plenty of Godzilla movies have the big beast fighting on behalf (or at least for the tangential benefit of) humanity. Even the most recent film was more about Godzilla going head-to-head with the MUTOs. In the immortal words of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa,

So there you have it, Legendary Pictures. We the people want this movie to happen.

As Stacker Pentecost yells in the movie, “We’re cancelling the apocalypse!” Please don’t cancel this movie.

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