How to Choose Apples, and Other Life Advice from Grace Helbig [Video]

“That was my job — to choose apples.”

Grace Helbig has a book, a TV show, and a YouTube channel with more than 2.7 million subscribers. But back when she was an intern for Conan O’Brien, she got nervous trying to pick out granny smith apples. Of course, they were going to be eaten by Conan. So who wouldn’t be nervous?

One of the refreshing things about YouTube is that it often allows people to just hang out and be themselves. You can see it on Grace’s channel, and it’s no different here as she pivots from opinions on deep-fried Oreos to advice on the care of aquatic pets. Interviewing a YouTube star is like meeting them in their natural environment…which just doesn’t happen much of anywhere else.

Case in point:

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