How To Take Perfect Instagram Pic Is Great Advice From Shea Marie [VIDEO]

Shea Marie, gorgeous Instagram starlet at @PeaceLoveShea, knows a thing or two about lining up your smartphone to grab the perfect image. Whether selfie, sunset or food, there’s not one simple little trick to making sure you always get the best image for your page. As it turns out, there are five simple tips!

They are:

1. You can find surprisingly good locations even where you don’t expect.
2. Your outfit or the background has to POP!
3. Bring extra accessories
4. Keep framing in mind
5. Use filters

Of course, I do Shea a disservice by listing them here, you should watch the video because she brings context to the words in a way I can’t. I’ve never taken a good photo in my life. There’s a reason Glamour enlisted Shea to teach you and not me!

If you use her tips though, I’m sure you’ll find that picture that makes you look like a million bucks — or at least like you have a million subscribers and thousands of likes on your posts after using the free Instagram likes provided by Likezoid’s new SaaS!

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