I’ll Call You: New YouTube Comedy Series Takes On Bad Dates

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What does it mean to date? How much should we put up with from people who we go out with — and for how long? Are we the ones who are really crazy if we continue to go on bad dates or stay in faulty relationships? These are the concepts at the heart of ambitious new series I’ll Call You on its eponymous YouTube channel.

I’ll Call You stars Ben Hague as Jon, a frustrated, jilted writer who searches for answers to the dating world by going on some pretty repugnant dates — as well as spinning his wheels at the office of a sex-crazed quack. And if he’s not undergoing those adventures, he’s at the mercy of his more confident friends — even if they have no real reason to be so confident.

It’s a pretty solid concept for a series — but the show is young yet. It needs to be nurtured if it wants to grow legs (per my understanding, this is how babies work). Created by Damon Borelli, I’ll Call You is fantastically raunchy and obscene. Not enough YouTube series have “bang scenes” is what I’m saying. And there are a few here, which is excellent. Based somewhat on Borelli’s actual experiences, this lawyer-turned-YouTuber actually brought together a cast of young comedians from his Rhode Island surroundings to broach the questions I put forth to you at the top there.

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“After telling one of my friends about my story and constantly complaining about how many insane women there were online, he looked at me and asked, ‘Dude, if they’re so crazy, why do you keep doing it?’ That’s when I realized the story wasn’t about all the crazy dates at all, it was really about me. Clearly, I had issues,” Borelli tells me is how that first idea for the show came about.

Of the surrounding players, look out for Brian Beaudoin as the ham — yeah, there’s a cheap fat joke in there too, but Beaudoin is the most memorable of the series so far. He’s really well cast as that pussy-obsessed oafish buddy who is always there when you need him.

If you want to talk about breakout stars from this show though, Grand Buffet’s theme song Oh My God, You’re Weird is a revelation. Catchy as hell, this song will be in my head for the next three days. Do yourself a favor and check out the series just to catch that earworm.

As for the overall series? Ehhhh, like I said, it’s still young. The music, camera work and editing are pretty on point. They’ve got a good concept, but Borelli needs to tie the episodes less stringently to his own life stories. His “crazy dates” are odd, but they aren’t that odd — and “bad dates” is a concept that is well-worn in pop culture. If you want to succeed where so many others try, there has to be something more compelling about what you are saying. We live in a post-Tucker Max world, stand out above the noise — what makes this show fun is its filthiness. Give me shock and awe — show me bad dates I’ve never imagined! I don’t want this show based in reality, and clearly, with its over-the-top “movie executives” and psychiatrist, it doesn’t really hew too close to reality anyhow. If you’re going to make this work, go BALLS TO THE WALL. My suggestion: analingus mishaps. But then, I’m one of those creepy bad dates, so take everything I say with a grain of that proverbial salt.

New episodes every Thursday, check out I’ll Call You to see how the series progresses. Hopefully it only gets crazier.

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