Internet Troll Arrested For Advocating Bombing Of 9/11 Memorial

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I was wondering how the events of 9/11 would sneak into our conversation today. It comes in the form of an internet troll — a 20-year-old Florida man who was arrested for not only compelling a fellow internet user to make a pressure cooker bomb and detonate it at a planned memorial today, but also, instructing on how to make the bomb.

Telling the user, who turned out to be an FBI informant, to fill the bomb with nails, metal and shrapnel dipped in rat poison, Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a college student was allegedly hoping to do some major damage at an event in Kansas City, MO today. Of course, after his arrest, authorities say Goldberg claimed he planned to either encourage the informant to kill himself prior to the bombing or alert law enforcement and get credit for stopping the attack. Yeah, nobody’s buying that.

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Part of several hoaxes perpetrated online, the Feds have been watching and interacting with Goldberg since at least June. While it hasn’t been released if Goldberg’s interactions came through one of the internet’s more noxious forums (you know which ones I’m talking about), it has been reported that Goldberg has also claimed credit for influencing the “Muslim cartoon” shooting event in Texas earlier this year.

Man, I’m really glad the FBI got this guy. Trolls are the worst.


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