Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Hatred From YouTube Gamers

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“Watching guys play video games isn’t like watching football, it’s like watching guys play fantasy football. It’s one more step removed.” That’s how Jimmy Kimmel responded to your words of hatred in regards to his mocking the YouTube and Twitch gaming communities. On the bright side, the YouTube community was able to band together enough to create a response — which is a positive thing. On the not-so-bright side, it didn’t exactly get Jimmy to change his mind.

With comments from the trolls — stuff like “Go hang yourself with bacon you fat f*ck” and “Get cancer,” the trolls have managed to upstage your arguments and further entrench Kimmel and his audience against your world.

Whether a glib off-the-cuff remark or not, Kimmel says at the end of the video that if one of you wants to invite him into your home to watch someone play video games, he’d be down. This is essentially a second chance to make a dynamic expression and potentially change not just one mind, but many. Of course, you’ll probably say, “We don’t care if we change his mind” and that’s fine too. But Kimmel is clearly out of touch with your world — and it can be a fun world — we’ve already written up a list in the past about why it’s fun to be a fan of YouTube/Twitch gaming that explains as much without wishing anyone dead or wracked with disease. Imagine the possibility of getting not just him, but many others to change their mind about gaming and how that can be an overall positive move?

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He doesn’t get that the commentary is amazing from the YouTube gaming community — that some hilarious comments are laid down in those videos, and that that is a huge part of it. PewDiePie is weirdly charming and fun to listen to (as are hundreds of others) and there is a reason he made the cover of Variety’s “Famechangers” piece. Kimmel doesn’t understand that some people can’t afford gaming systems or all the money that a wealth of games costs. And maybe you did, but he’s a comedian. He’s going to find the worst comments from the bunch and use them against you. And he did. The gaming community comes off looking pretty bad here, which is completely unfair because no one asked him to come comment on your world. But it’s out there now and how you react to his reaction will say a lot about gaming at large.




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