Kick The PJ’s “Oscar’s Hotel” Trailer Is FINALLY Here!

Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures from New Form Digital on Vimeo.

After anticipating and staring at social media posts of YouTubers and Viners dressed as fantastical creatures for months, the trailer for Oscar’s Hotel is finally here! YouTuber Kick The PJ’s series will premiere on Vimeo On-Demand on September 15. It will feature stars such as Chris Kendall, Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, PewDiePie, Mamrie Hart, Phil Lester, Anna Akana, Dan Howell and many more. One of the coolest parts of this project is that Kick The PJ worked with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to create all the wild creatures that those stars play in Oscar’s Hotel. I can’t wait to see all those creatures and costumes in action when the series drops!

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