Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) Is Now A YouTuber — Six Tips To Help Her Adjust

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Maisie Williams is now a YouTuber! Of course it’s exciting news that Arya Stark is going to be making videos in our world — not regularly, she says, but whenever something strikes her fancy! Hopefully something strikes her fancy a lot because we love this charming actress!

Within the 12 hours since she’s posted her first video, she’s already wracked up nearly 50,000 subscribers. And that’s even after she promised no Game of Thrones spoilers.

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Maisie, who is best known for playing Arya Stark on GoT, has made appearances on YouTube in the past, on channels like Caspar (Lee) and Superfruit, but since she’s a brand new YouTuber, we thought we’d give her some pointers for doing awesome stuff.

Some good pointers:

1. Always retweet us (Mel Gibson didn’t retweet us one time years ago … it wasn’t pretty).

2. Always be yourself! Unless being someone else gets you lots of views (this seems to work for people on Facebook … ooh burn!)

3. Don’t let the comment trolls get you down (they have a way of getting to the top of pages).

4. We LOVE it when YouTubers do collabs. (Anyone from your buddies The Fine Bros. to Sean Bean, we’d love to see them hanging with you!)

5. If you can even kind of sing, we love cover songs almost as much as original content.

6. Have fun! (No qualifiers here)

Welcome to YouTube, Maisie, we can’t wait to see what you bring with you.

What tips would you give Maisie, comment below! And, of course, share this to spread the good news!

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