Marcus Butler Hits 4 Million YouTube Subscribers!

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We’re such an odd culture that gets fixated on what we consider “round numbers,” e.g. 1,5, 10, 20, 25 etc. 1 million is a big milestone, 5 million is a big milestone. but British YouTuber Marcus Butler just hit 4 million and that is an INCREDIBLE MILESTONE! When you think about what it takes to succeed on a crowded medium like YouTube, 4 million is an astronomical achievement. The YouTuber, who has been on a push to 4 million on his Twitter recently, posted updates along the way as he got closer and closer.

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And now he’s just recently posted the sweetest one of all:

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Congrats, Marcus on your success!

Of course we don’t think that the multi-hyphenate YouTuber/author is going to be slowing down anytime soon. His book Hello Life has been number one on the bestseller lists for three weeks in a row and of course there’s still lots more YouTube vlogging to be done. Lots and lots more.

And, while we should have been on board way earlier, I’m happy to say we rectified that mistake when it counted:

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Of course we’ll keep watching for more great content during the journey to 5 million subscribers — and on after that!


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