Mega-Viner Twaimz Leaving Vine For YouTube

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Superstar Viner Twaimz recently announced that he will be leaving Vine after posting these two vines.

Twaimz is abandoning a platform on which he has 3.2 million followers and over 2 billion loops. Why?

YouTube. While the numbers surrounding his Vine channel are outstanding, his YouTube channel has accumulated more than 1 million subscribers and more than 66 million views in just a year. In the past year, he has collaborated with other big time YouTubers, including Willam Belli, Ricky Dillon, and Shanna Malcolm.

Twaimz isn’t the only Viner to expand into YouTube. Viners like The Gabbie Show, Kinda Sarah, and TooTurntTina have also created YouTube channels with fairly large followings. If many Viners are moving into YouTube, is there something better about the YouTube platform? Or is it just the freedom of longer-form content that provides the draw?

There are so many online video platforms and sometimes we question “which one is the best?” Many times, we say YouTube. It’s not only one of the longest standing platforms but also has no time limit and–of course–the opportunity to make some big bucks. It’s no wonder that mega-Viners like Twaimz are ditching the 6-second platform for something bigger.

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