Mysterious Oscar Winner Taunting Leonardo DiCaprio on Imgur

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Everybody knows the joke by now: Leonardo DiCaprio really, really wants an Oscar. And he doesn’t have one. But someone else does, and they’ve been using it to taunt the prolific actor. Taking the name iHasanOscar on Imgur, the photo hosting site, the mysterious user has so far only given us one presumably white, male hand to work with in regards to figuring out who is hilariously hassling Leo.

Posting their initial photo two months ago, iHasanOscar claims on their Imgur account that 1. Yes, it’s real and 2. they got the idea from one of a long line of posts that showcase the actor perennially dogged by Academy Award gold. This picture to be exact:

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So now it’s a who’s who of guessing the identity of the smug winner. Considering that the Academy Awards have handed out almost 3,000 Oscars since their inception (ooh, punny!) — 2,947 to be exact. So good luck guessing, because it might not just be an actor or a director, think of ALL the Oscars you don’t care about — like Best Sound Editing or Best Makeup. Likely it’s someone you’ve never heard of, but here’s hoping it’s Martin Scorsese.

The second image for the account just recently popped up and shows the actor appearing to point at the award, from his role in Revolutionary Road. Here the strange taunter claims he is “shy.”

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This is clearly not a mystery for Scooby Doo, but it’s one that should leave sleuths scratching their heads and praying for more clues. Finally, something exciting is coming out of Hollywood.


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