Redditor Draws Game of Thrones Like Bob’s Burgers [GALLERY]

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.38.43 PM

On what’s known as a “slow news day” things that might not otherwise make the grade as a story become exciting and totally worth covering. Case in point, this Redditor-created pic of all Game of Thrones‘ characters redrawn in the style of Bob’s Burgers. CarlosDanger101, the allegedly the Reddit handle in question, should be given all credit, but of course, Mashable laid them out in a way that made it easy to showcase, so go pay them a visit too!

It’s pretty funny, but I have a confession: I don’t give a damn about Bob’s Burgers. I’ve tried many times, but it just doesn’t make me laugh. Also, I’ve become bored of Game of Thrones — I don’t have the patience to wait a year between seasons (so I read the books — and now I’m bored of those too) And yet, this combination of the two excites me. Now I want to see this as a show.

I wonder how long it would take to get bored of that though?

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