Rio De Janeiro Will Be YouTube’s 10th Creator Space

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São Paulo, Brazil is 256 miles away from Rio de Janeiro, also in Brazil. This makes the South American country the clear frontrunner for the future of online entertainment in YouTube’s mind, as Rio was just announced to be the latest addition in the YouTube Creator Space family.

The 10th named Creator Space, Rio’s inclusion came right on the heels of YouTube announcing that they would also open a facility in Paris.


The Rio space, according to the YouTube creator blog will be “Located in Porto Maravilha, the city’s soon-to-be-renovated historic port area, the YouTube Space Rio will consist of a roughly 2,000 sq-meter collaborative facility for YouTube creators.”

Naturally, they’ll have use of cameras, editing equipment and soundstage — everything necessary to bring YouTube’s South American arm onto the professional stage.

It’s interesting that Brazil already has two announced Spaces considering that several other major cities, including Seoul, Moscow, Hong Kong, Mexico City and Cairo don’t have any.

The other existing/announced hubs are in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Mumbai, Toronto, São Paulo, Paris and London.


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