Siri Interrupts White House Briefing on Iran Missile Pact

We’re only posting this because you’re going to hear all about it today and we didn’t want you to think we were out of the loop if we otherwise ignored it. It isn’t funny, really. It’s funny in that way that annoying people think things are funny. You know, those types of people who have dinner parties and talk about their mortgages, who proudly admit they get a little snotty because the girl at the L.L. Bean store took too long to help them. The sort of people who don’t do gluten “just because.”

Joyless people will have a merry little chuckle and say, “Oh, that is fun-ny.” It is not. Funny is when this senator’s phone goes off in Congress and plays the Frozen song “Let It Go.” But since it is “open source” everyone and their mother has uploaded a version to their YouTube page. We chose People’s version to show because they didn’t bog it down with commentary or obnoxious logos. Also, they’ve been doing great YouTube coverage lately and we wanted to throw ’em a bone.

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