Six Games in Need of the Mario Maker Treatment


So, Mario Maker is a lot of fun. Whether you’re more a fan of getting creative and coming up with your own ideas for levels, or whether you prefer playing through the bizarre and twisted creations of your fellow players, there’s loads of content to keep any player busy.

Which naturally leads to the question: which other games deserve their own user-created content platform?

The Legend of Zelda Maker

zelda overworld

After Mario, Zelda is the logical choice for anyone looking for more customizable Nintendo goodness. Players could design their own dungeons and fiendish puzzles to trap and abuse their fellow players – which of course would make it all the more satisfying to beat a particularly nasty fan-made castle.

Zelda Maker could even feature sprites from different eras of gaming history, much like Mario Maker, and could cover the NES, SNES and GBA eras, capped off with the new/retro style seen in the relatively recent 3DS release A Link Between Worlds!

Angry Birds Maker

angry birds

You stack ‘em up, your friends knock ‘em down – this one’s an easy choice for anyone who’s ever played Angry Birds and wanted to get a little more out of the experience.

User generated levels would likely fall into two distinct categories – hugely satisfyingly easy levels which allow anyone to create huge waves of destruction with the flick of a finger, or horribly frustrating levels which would be almost impossible to complete.

Dragon Age Maker

dragon age

One of BioWare’s earlier games, Neverwinter Nights, came with a very complex campaign editor which allowed players to build their own stories and encounters for other gamers to play through – BioWare even once ran a competition where the best custom campaign would win a job with the company. This made extra sense because Neverwinter Nights was, technically speaking, a Dungeons & Dragons game, so players expected to be able to create their own experiences.

The Dragon Age franchise is considered the spiritual successor to Neverwinter Nights, and it’d be fantastic to see BioWare offering this same customization option to players again. Considering the creativity of BioWare’s fanbase, there’s no doubt a few fanfictions out there already that would make amazing gaming experiences!

Sonic the Hedgehog Maker


Even long term fanboys have to admit that Sonic’s seen better days – the latest game release sold (and played) so poorly that Sega’s CEO, Haruki Satomi, publicly apologized for betraying the trust of the company’s fans.

Probably the best Sonic games in recent years have been the iOS and mobile remakes of the classics, which were developed by members of the Sonic modding community. The remakes are so good, in fact, that they’ve left many fans wondering just what could be accomplished if Sega gave a little more power to the people and let their fans do their job for them…

Plus, when you look back to the great SEGA/Nintendo showdown of the early ’90s, you had Sonic and Mario as the respective flagship platforming franchises. Although there are similarities between the two (collect rings/coins, go from left to right) they actually play pretty differently. Sonic courses frequently had a vertical element that Mario rarely matched. A Sonic Maker game could make the most of Sonic’s strengths and create a meaningfully different experience from Mario Maker.

Grand Theft Auto Maker


If there’s one thing that GTA Online has proven, it’s that GTA fans are insane. The level of creativity and dedication that GTAO players bring to their attempts to murder and destroy everything in their path is truly awe-inspiring, and suggests that, if given opportunity, GTA players could create some incredibly, wonderfully depraved original content for their fellow players.

And if there’s one thing that GTA V was sorely lacking, it was more heists. These were the best, most complex, most rewarding parts of the whole game. There’s no reason not to open heist design up to more players. We saw how crazy and creative people got with The Castle Doctrine; just imagine the brilliance that could emerge from a larger player base with a more complex toolset.

If that sounds like an awful lot of fun, there’s probably something wrong with you. But you’re probably not alone…

Destiny Maker

destiny speeder

Halo 3’s level editor is either loved or hated depending on who you talk to – some players feel that it ruined the online experience, while others argue that it gave gamers hundreds of new ways to play.

Back when Destiny was released it was rumored that a level editor might appear, but nothing ever materialized. Now that The Taken King has brought players flooding back to the game, though, it might be the perfect time to finally let gamers build their own chaotic battlegrounds…

Mamma Mia!

Games that allow players to build their own levels are nothing new – there have been plenty in the past, and Mario Maker is likely to inspire more game developers to think about offering fans more customizability.

What game would you like to be able to edit? We’d love to hear your suggestions – feel free to let us know in the comments below!