Star Wars Toy Unboxing Videos From Maker Creators

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If you happen to like Star Wars, it’s a pretty sweet time to be a Maker creator.

As a promotion for the promotion, Disney, who owns both the Star Wars franchise and Maker Studios is doing a worldwide run of unboxing videos using its Maker creators to reveal the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys ahead of their availability.

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The campaign kicked off in Australia and runs through San Francisco later today. Officially, the toys will become available for public consumption on midnight of Sept. 4. The first YouTubers to do the unboxing, an Aussie family channel named The Brataley’s unboxed the new Jedi Master lightsaber.

Of course, as Variety points out on their take on the promotion, while it’s madness to have toys being unboxed months before the picture comes out — something on the sort of a Harry Potter-type event, it can also lead to a sort of fatigue if too much is pushed on us in the name of Star Wars, which could result in backlash.

But who are we kidding? This thing is gonna be huge regardless. Check the schedule above to see what gets opened next!


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