StarMaker Teams Up With DanceOn, Creates Premium Music Programming

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.19.51 PM

StarMaker, a media company helping music artists get discovered through social media, is launching their premium programming on YouTube! Their original programming is slated to include biopics of their artists and commentary videos on popular music. StarMaker has already launched their series Collab Lab, in which artists collab through song mashups. Their Collab Lab videos so far have featured YouTube stars, such as Andrew Garcia, Corey Gray, and Cammie Lester.

StarMaker’s neat network allows artists to promote their content on StarMaker’s app. The app allows anyone to create their own music videos or discover rising talent or both! The app serves as a new platform for people to discover the next big artists.

In addition to their new content and app, StarMaker is partnering with DanceOn to highlight their stars in more ways. DanceOn, the company behind the epic “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” craze, will have their talent choreograph pieces set to StarMaker’s artist’s original songs. StarMaker and DanceOn’s collaboration looks more than promising with the way the internet loves making dance moves and songs go viral. This collaboration is an awesome way for both the choreographer and the artist to gain exposure. Who knows what song and dance combo could be the next “Nae Nae” or “Hit The Quan.”

Share this because this could mean more dance crazes that blow up your Vine feed. We’re down with that.

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