Streamy Awards 2015 — Who REALLY Should Have Won

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Last night’s Streamy Awards saw a lot of excitement, a lot of YouTube stars and a musical-performances-to-actual-awards-handed-out ratio that was off the charts … but then, VH1 was one of the sponsors. You’d think it would be, you know, actual YouTubers performing though. But since it is perhaps better known as the music channel watched by your grandparents, maybe performances by Sir Mixalot do make sense?

It was also the first time the Streamys have popped up on national television, which means pressure, drama and high expectations to get things right. And that means sometimes things go wrong. Whether it means giving the award to a star over someone more deserving in order to generate additional ratings, or another name is called when the envelope is opened (it hasn’t happened yet … that we know of), or even somehow the voting process just broke down, the Streamy Awards, much as we love them, get things wrong. Not all of the time, just … sometimes. And while it doesn’t mean much in the way of the awards, after all, the winners get to keep the hardware, we thought we’d set some things straight about the 5th annual Streamys and who we think really deserved to be up on the stage this year. See if you don’t agree.

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Cameron Dallas was arguably the big winner of the night as the Vine star claimed the coveted Audience Choice award for Entertainer of the Year. Of course we know how screwed up the fan vote notion is. Really, it’s just a popularity contest with the creator who has the most rabid fans winning out. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. Seldom does the person who had the legitimate biggest year win out. And yet, Cameron Dallas has been on a roll lately, also taking the Entertainer of the Year at the Teen Choice Awards, so maybe he wasn’t a bad choice?

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Kandee Johnson has certainly come on hard, going from nowhere to superstar in the last year, but that kind of seems like its own award. Jenna Marbles has been status quo for a while, seemingly content to just do her thing. Grace Helbig has had a down year with the hardships of her talk show and her network basically taking a cold hard dump on her. No, only one name on this list really has a valid claim to beating Cameron Dallas this year.

Who should have won: Tyler Oakley

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Sourcefed has gone through major changes this year, VGHS seems like it is a distant memory and Teens React has always paled in comparison to Kids React (Nickelodeon agrees). With a movie that was number one on iTunes, the first YouTube wax figures being commissioned for Madame Tussaud’s and a whole mess of great programming, the real winner this year wasn’t the one who appears to have been caught making a fake social experiment video.

Who should have won: Smosh

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We LOVE Flula, he’s awesome, he’s funny, he’s talented. But Colleen Ballinger had one of the best years of all time! Of all time!

Who should have won: Miranda Sings

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Based on the amazing year Michelle Phan has had, she shouldn’t have just been presenting Streamy Awards, she should have been taking one home as well. From touring with Michelle Obama to the phenomenal success of Ipsy, this award should ONLY have gone to one person — you know who we’re talking about.

Who should have won: Michelle Phan

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Hard to argue against Jesse Wellens pranking the entire country with his Hitchbot-destroyed evidence prank. Hell, it even fooled us.

Who should have won: Jesse Wellens

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The best bit of the night was Kandee Johnson’s skit to promote the Best First Person videos — the blogger crowd. Utilizing her makeup skills to dress up like each of the nominees, she pulled off impressive copycat imagery and cemented herself as a dominant force in beauty vids going forward.

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But the first person blogger who ended up winning, llSuperwomanll, for once, was right where she should have been. We love her and she totally deserved this one.

Who should have won: llSuperwomanll

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Okay, let’s be honest — there are a lot of channels on YouTube and we’re not exactly spending our day watching Kids and Family channels. Kid President feels so last year (or two years ago even), and we’re really really glad a certain family channel WASN’T nominated, so lets call this one for the family we all know and care about.

Who should have won: Shaytards

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Bethany Mota has enough awards on her shelf and Joey Graceffa’s name sounds perfect with bionic-arm Barbie blasting dookies between it. That was his award for this evening. We will say that it might have gone a different direction if it was a fan vote, but as it stands, for lack of a better contender in this category, the right person won tonight.

Who should have won: iJustine

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Showing how out of sync the Viners and the YouTubers are, Team YouTube burned on Team Vine in the opening monologues — and yet, they still had them on hand to receive an award. And then showing how audiences and the voting committee are out of sync also, they gave the Viner award to not Cameron Dallas. On this one, the audience is wrong and the voting committee is right.

Who should have won: King Bach 

Personally, now that all is said and done, we would have rather seen less of the weirdo endorsements from folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger or stagnant long shots of empty tables and more of the people who actually won awards — the also-rans whose categories apparently weren’t sexy enough to be included in the main show (it’s a controversy every year). But hey, that’s show biz, even on the web.

For the total list of winners, go here. Oh, and just in case you missed them, here is the whole show, all one hour and forty minutes of it:

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