Streamy Awards ‘Audience Choice’ Finalists Announced!

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Good news, audience, as far as the Streamy Awards are concerned, right now is your time to shine! See, every year, the audience, you, get to vote on performers that you think are the best thing since JackSepticEye’s Sliced Bread video. They’re called the — wait for it — Audience Choice awards and they’re one of the best parts of the Streamy Awards because the vote is pure and democratic and … oh who are we kidding, it’s gonna go to whomever has the biggest and most dedicated fan base.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t still be interesting! Upsets have happened and there’s a huge pool to draw from — I wouldn’t count anyone out and Cameron Dallas has already shown his popularity, fresh off of his win at the Teen Choice Awards. Can he pull off the award season sweep or will Tyler Oakley remind everyone why he is the voice of his generation right now?

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Here are the nominees for Audience Choice Entertainer of the Year:

Entertainer of the Year
· Cameron Dallas / #CameronDallas
· Connor Franta / #ConnorFranta
· Grace Helbig / #GraceHelbig
· Jack & Jack / #JackAndJack
· Jenna Marbles / #JennaMarbles
· Kandee Johnson / #KandeeJohnson
· King Bach / #KingBach
· Miranda Sings / #MirandaSings
· IISuperwomanII / #Superwoman
· Tyler Oakley / #TylerOakley

And the nominees for Show of the Year are even more thrilling! This is truly an even horse race, as all of these shows are beloved. I honestly have no clue who I would vote for. Audience, yours is a tough vote — choose wisely.

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The nominees for Audience Choice Show of the Year:

Show of the Year
· EnchufeTV / #EnchufeTV
· fouseyTUBE / #fouseyTUBE
· Good Mythical Morning / #GoodMythicalMorning
· The Philip DeFranco Show / #ThePhilipDeFrancoShow
· PrankvsPrank / #PrankvsPrank
· Rooster Teeth / #RoosterTeeth
· Smosh / #Smosh
· SourceFed / #SourceFed
· Teens React / #TeensReact
· Video Game High School / #VideoGameHighSchool

Voting is now open, so go here to cast your opinions with thousands of others. Hopefully, enough of you are like-minded enough that we don’t have some 10-way tie (though that would be pretty awesome!).

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The Streamy’s will broadcast on VH1 on Sept. 17, so we’re getting close. You damn well better be excited, because I am. Presenters, so far, include Paula Abdul, Mel B. (America’s Got Talent), Phil DeFranco, Ricky Dillon, GloZell Green, Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries), Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), Harley Morenstein, Ingrid Nilsen, Pauley Perrette (NCIS), Jillian Rose Reed (Awkward), and, of course, Smosh!


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