Street Fighter V Roster Predictions – Who Fills the Last Two (Yes, Two) Spots?


Rejoice world warriors! This past week at the Tokyo Game Show we just caught a glimpse of our latest returning fighter for Street Fighter V: Karin.

The haughty heiress seems to be a mobile, ground based fighter who really opens up her combo potential when she charges up her V-trigger, a set of character specific skills that you can unleash by fully charging the new V-Skill bar.

So where does that leave us in terms of remaining fighters?

At the last E3, one of the main producers, Peter “Combofiend” Rosas, presented us with this chart:


Since then we’ve been shown Necalli, Vega, R. Mika, Rashid, and now Karin. A which leaves 4 slots to fill. Who are our remaining four fighters?

The Ken Bogard Rumors

A prominent French fighting game commentator dropped a serious rumor bomb a few months back. He predicted that Street Fighter V would use a new DLC style model rather than the traditional “Super,” “Hyper” style of game upgrades. He named dropped three brand new characters, and name-checked “V-Trigger” as the new game mechanic. Normally I’m as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to rumors, but so far Ken Bogard has been 100% correct, even going so far as to name Rashid months before his reveal. I’m putting the stamp of approval on this one and it’s safe to bet that your remaining two newcomers are Zen and Laura as per his info.

So where does that leave us?

We’ve got two remaining precious slots after that and here are some of the most popular guesses:



“This is my face when there’s one slice of pizza left and there’s nobody around to see me take it.”

The evil Tae Kwan Do expert that made her debut in Super Street Fighter IV quickly shot up in popularity thanks to her quick kicks and crazy eye. She’d be a good fit not only because of her popularity but it would cement her as a true Street Fighter and not one of the one-off characters like Ingrid or Necro.


Yea, exactly.

However, she’s recently already had a HUGE amount of exposure and her playstyle already seems to overlap with the SFV versions of Chun Li and such. While popular I’m calling her chances LOW.



“Hey Barber, make my head look like an upside down pyramid.” “I got you fam.”

With Nash returning, literally, from the dead in Street Fighter V it only makes sense for his longtime partner (and fan favorite) Guile to return. But I’m going to make the bold move that Guild WILL NOT make the initial 16. His traditional defensive play style just doesn’t fit into the current mold for SFV’s rush down, high damage gameplay. With Nash already on the roster representing a Sonic Boomer, I’m calling Guile’s chances LOW, but adding that I’m almost positive he’ll come down the line as DLC.




Russia’s premier bear-wrestler (don’t Google that phrase) would also be a welcome choice to return as he’s considered one of the classic faces of Street Fighter. Though he’s got some grappler overlap with R. Mika, a refresh of the dancing Cossack could be just what people need from the old guard. Chances are HIGH for him.


A lesser known character from Street Fighter III, Urien is a mostly naked Greek wrestler-looking member of the Illuminati. Not the same one as Jay Z’s (or hell maybe it is, I wouldn’t know). While he may seem like an oddball choice, reported that he is confirmed to be playable. The same site reported R. Mika and Karin would appear, and they are batting at 1.000 average right now. Did I use that right? I don’t watch baseball.

Chances for the nude dude are HIGH!



“Unlike Hogan, Alex is actually really proud of his sex tape.”

Finally the main man. Alex. Let’s be real, this is who I’m hyped about. All the other characters I listed? Forget ‘em. I was just trying to be nice, but Street Fighter V won’t be complete until the Hulk Hogan lookalike (the Hulk-a-like?) is power bombing and backhanding from left to right all day all night. What’s the evidence?

OK first: He is the remaining character from the Siliconera leak. Second, he would fit perfectly, as the hybrid offensive/grappler play style is still missing from the roster. And finally, think about where some of our last reveals have taken place: Ken debuted in America, the Rashid trailer was shown in Dubai, and Karin was shown at Tokyo. Our next scheduled reveal is at New York Comic Con.


You think they’re gonna gather 500 New York gamers to show DHALSIM? Nah’ son. Get the sticks ready and the Nunzio’s pizza on order cause he is for sure drop kicking his way to that PS4/PC. Alex’s chances for showing up are HIGH, as good as America’s winning another World War! Three-peat!

We’ve still got about seven months and two betas before Street Fighter V hits shelves, but it’s already shaping up to be an aggressive, meaty fighter. If you’re favorite character doesn’t end up on the starting roster it’s a good bet they’ll be coming down the line as “free” DLC. (Think of how League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm handles getting new characters and you’re on the right track.) Which dark horse fighters are you guys hoping makes it into the starting line up?

Personally, I’ve been begging Capcom for a Lady Gaga tie-in for ages.