Taryn Southern Doesn’t Find Comedy Fun Anymore — Heartbreaking Emotional Video

Holy crap, sometimes you get so invested in your own crazy goings-on that you forget sometimes to take stock of your friends and how their lives are going. Taryn Southern, who as many of you know, I’ve likely creeped out for years with my unceasing affection for, posted a heart-wrenching video called “An Honest Update” where she speaks not so candidly about having a down year emotionally. “I started off making comedy videos because that’s just what I wanted to do. But quite honestly, it’s just not really fun!” she says, tearful, in the footage she uploaded to YouTube recently.

While she doesn’t elaborate her hardships, the video definitely reminds you that these creators, as much as we love them and want them to entertain us, are in uncharted waters. There are doubtlessly some emotional weights that come with sharing (or not sharing!) your life with the world as a vlogger. Trying to keep a separation between the two worlds can’t be easy and likely comes at a price. We’ve seen several YouTubers have emotional moments in regard to how difficult it is to share or not share information — particularly the glut of coming out videos. Also, jerks like me judging them and their art. Sometimes we forget that these people aren’t making this stuff up, they’re living one day at a time and putting it on display.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.51.39 PM

(Taryn and me in marginally happier times …)

It can’t be easy. Plus the ups and down of success in the entertainment industry. Yikes.

The whole time she was speaking, I had “911” entered on my phone and was prepared to hit send if she said she was quitting YouTube — I’d need those guys with the heart attack paddles for sure. Or at least someone with a shitload of candles because my entire world would have gone dark. Hopefully, it’s just that she needs a reminder that a whole bunch of wacky strangers care about her and her contributions to the YouTube world.

Taryn, I in particular owe you an apology. I’ve been off caring for sick animals, educating third-world underprivileged children, whittling my own canoe, stopping a terrorist threat in Reykjavik, earning billions in backing yen-based currency trends, fitting an entire mini-pumpkin in my mouth … or whatever it is that impresses you most. Yeah, I’ve been doing that. I’ll never let you get so down again. Probably.


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