Teen Claims Pregnant With Triplets, Busted On Facebook With Fake Belly

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An unnamed Michigan teen is in serious trouble with the law after she faked a baby. Oh wait, not one baby — three babies. Posting to the Facebook page Moms of Triplets, the Michigan girl had a big pregnant-looking belly and ultrasound pics that confirmed three separate fetuses. It even managed to fool her 16-year-old boyfriend who got excited, got scared, and then began looking for the best job he could find.

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The gifts poured in for a baby shower her parents threw her — presents from people who had seen her on Facebook and wanted to help out a little. According to an aunt who spoke to Fox 2 News in Wyandotte, Mich. she had more presents than she could open.

After 10 months had gone by and there was still no baby, people got suspicious — well, except the girl’s boyfriend who believed a story she told him about the belly being a better incubator than anything outside the womb. Eventually someone discovered that the ultrasound pics were the same ones available on a “gag gift” website called Fake A Baby.

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Selling fake ultrasounds starting at $9.95 the site also carries fake pregnant tummies which can be had for $149.99 — a savings of $150.00!

The girl allegedly used a series of ultrasounds to fool her family as well as well-wishers across the web into believing that she was an expecting mother-to-be. Why she did it, the motive is not yet clear. Probably attention or trying to trap her boyfriend into committing long term — that’s the way these things usually play out in my head.

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Fakeababy.com will probably not be in trouble for their role in the deception, but according to the Washington Post, this isn’t the first time one of their products has been brought up in a legal case. Nor will it be the last, I’m sure. Hell, they’re probably loving this free publicity.


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