Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh Are YouTube’s Newest Advertising Focus In Hyped Up Campaign

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YouTube REALLY wants you to watch YouTube … or at least know it exists …

Allegedly, the video platform is stepping up their advertising game in the coming month. YouTube stars Tyler Oakley and Lilly Singh are going to be the creator benefactors as their images and channel info will be turned into commercials, billboards, bus ads, magazine print pieces and more. Starting today officially, the campaign, which in the past has featured the likes of Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, Epic Rap Battles, Rosanna Pansino, Grace Helbig and others, will be pinging heavily in the New York and Los Angeles areas.

Whether it will really begin expanding to outlying areas is the question as both Singh, a Canadian, and Oakley, a major face of the young LGBT movement, have large international followings as well.

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The real deal will come when some YouTuber gets the first billboard on Mars. Of course, by then, I will be Vice Regent of Mars’ Beautification Committee and have outlawed outdoor landscaping from mucking up our Red Planet the way we used it to oversaturate and overstimulate our Earth brethren. Sure, people will complain, but I wasn’t elected to be everyone’s friend: I was elected to make the hard choices.

My campaign begins now, coincidentally.


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