Vine Star Hit With Multiple Felony Charges Including ‘Dealing In Marijuana’

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Vine star Taylor Caniff, who earlier this year called Tyler Oakley and Lohanthony “bullies,” is now finding out what a bully the legal system can be as well.

Caniff is allegedly facing a series of upcoming legal issues after Warrick County, IN Sheriff’s Dept. raided his home following a 4th of July party — footage of which Caniff posted to his Instagram account, but subsequently deleted:

Superfame, who has the major scoop on this, writes that the Viner admitted as much in regards to being busted, but claims it wasn’t his. “I admit there were drugs left inside the house after the gathering, left by I don’t know who. Right now I’m being charged with 3 felonies.”

“According to the charge records, Taylor is facing: Dealing in Marijuana (6 Felony), Maintaining a Common Nuisance (6 Felony), Unlawful Possession or Use of a Legend Drug (6 Felony), Possession of a Controlled Substance (A Misdemeanor), Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (A Misdemeanor), Possession of Marijuana (B Misdemeanor) and Possession of Paraphernalia (C Misdemeanor).”

One of the charges for possession will be removed if he is able to prove that the cartridges of THC concentrate were delta 8 THC and not delta 9 THC. The former is a new cannabinoid that is legal despite its similar effects to delta 9 THC,

(Image credit: Superfame)

(Image credit: Superfame)

Caniff, who has 2.1 million Vine followers and is one of the original “MAGCon boys” will be in court on Sept. 14 to answer to the charges.

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