Virtual Reality is Coming. No, Really This Time [Video]

In case you haven’t heard, several major companies, including HTC, Sony, and Facebook-owned Oculus VR, are scheduled to release virtual reality headsets within the next year. Yeah.

But assuming you didn’t know that, your conception of virtual reality may be one of these:


Well the Virtual Boy, these machines are not. It’s been 20 year since the Virtual Boy’s cataclysmic launch and rapid demise. Technology has changed a little since 1995.

One of the first new VR headsets to the market will be the HTC Vive, which is being supported by Valve. Since the launch of their Steam platform, Valve has rocketed to the top of the PC videogame market, and is one of the most influential companies in gaming today.

So to recap: The biggest VR companies are backed by 1) both a major mobile hardware manufacturer and a PC gaming heavyweight, 2) a multimedia megacompany with a vested interest in console gaming, and 3) a social media company that earlier this year had one in seven people in the world log on. And with all that, as you can see in the video above, it looks like the technology is finally here.

Get ready. Virtual reality is coming, and it’s here to stay.