We Love John Oliver, John Oliver Loves Raccoons

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On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, while talking about the pressures put on underpaid and understaffed public defendants, John Oliver treated us to yet another raccoon impression, this time of the meth-addicted variety.

It’s not the first time Oliver’s turned to raccoons for humor, and with reason – it’s pretty funny (especially endearing is his hands-down raccoon paw mannerism). But it got us thinking, how often has he actually used the gag?

Here are some of the highlights.

Starting with this week, we have the “accurately” portrayed meth-head raccoons:

Next up: a delightful little bit from his episode on patent law, where he compares the process for patent trials to giving raccoons control of garbage can security. Punctuated by a chillingly accurate scream, of course:

And speaking of raccoon screams, there were some screams of delight from the food waste episode:

And last, but certainly not least, we bring you not a John Oliver impression, but rather a line of particular brilliance from his segment-capping diatribe against Bud Light:

Of course, Oliver’s show has featured plenty of other animals as well, from old-west kittens to horny turtles.

But his raccoons will always have a special place in our hearts.

God bless you, John Oliver.

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