Woman Burns Cat To Death, Posts Pic To Facebook

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The internet has found its new common enemy. This Mississippi woman, Shay Houston, has managed to raise the ire of Facebook users after she posted the image of a cat that she allegedly taped up and then burned to death.

The image, a grisly and sad one, has since been removed from her page, but the internet is still raging. Quickly creating a petition on YouSign Animals, activist groups are seeking to raise awareness and, hopefully, prosecution for Houston, who allegedly burned the cat because there were too many strays in her neighborhood and she feared for her son’s safety. Of course that message allegedly came out after these slightly more disturbing posts to her page:

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Another read: “I guess cats don’t have 9 lives…I’m done with the cat thing tho gosh it was just a dam cat maybe if we’re a puppy it would’ve been so different puppy’s are cute n not irritating.”

We’ve ultimately decided not to include the haunting image of the cat, who allegedly died from its wounds, but the petition includes the infamous picture, so feel free to hop over and take a look, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Animal rights activists and petition signers might not get their wish for legal justice though. According to the Jackson Clarion Ledger, first offense animal cruelty is not a felony in Mississippi. Hopefully the internet doesn’t take the law into its own hands.

They’ve done it before and it doesn’t always work out.


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