YouTube Gamer Dunkey Banned From League of Legends For ‘Toxic Behavior’

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Having 1.8 million YouTube subscribers hanging on your every video doesn’t mean a damn to the League of Legends folks at Riot Games apparently. On September 3, they issued YouTube gamer Dunkey a 14-day ban for “toxic behavior.”

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Of course, since he posted news of his ban to his seldom used Twitter account, most gamers didn’t know Dunkey had been banned until it came to light in the League of Legends subreddit recently, according to Kotaku. Now his fans are all upset over the news — and he’s got some pretty big fans.

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What does “toxic behavior” mean? Well, it depends. Dunkey is more of a League of Legends prankster than an actual player per se. Here he is making a video where he’s pretending to be AFK, which in gamer speak means “Away From Keyboard” — basically he’s not doing anything to help his comrades in the fight, which can annoy fellow gamers who either don’t know or don’t care about Dunkey’s intentional mission to be as annoying — and therefore funny — as possible.

The fans love it, the hardcore self-serious gamers don’t. Additionally, he’ll sabotage missions and go on crazy nonsensical rants as part of his schtick to deliver gamer content that gets millions of views on his YouTube page and contributes to his livelihood.

Dunkey followed up news of his ban with the tweet that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever return to the League of Legends arena — which if you’re a fan, is a pretty big blow.

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Fortunately, the prankster gamer has other tricks up his sleeve for other games in the real-time strategy venue. We’ll still get to see his shenanigans in one form or another, just maybe not on League of Legends.


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