YouTube Musician Tyler Ward Has New EP ‘Yellow Boxes’ + Tour Dates


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Tyler Ward is in a good place.

Announcing his new EP “Yellow Boxes” today, he’s already got a major international tour lined up, and if the first single from from his album is any indication, it’s going to be an amazing return for the pop singer with country influences.

The EP, which drops on Oct. 1, will have six new songs to satisfy the two million YouTube followers that have been clamoring for new material since they devoured his last album, “Honestly,” in 2013.

As he says it:

“This is a snapshot of my life this past year. For the first time I felt secure enough to write what I was really feeling and experiencing. Not with the the thought of, ‘that’s what they’ll want to hear.’ I’ll admit, I’ve done that in the past, worried about what people want to hear and how they will perceive me. So…Yellow Boxes was created. It’s a project that I wrote, produced, and recorded by myself, with no extra input. It had to be wholly from me, or it wasn’t going to capture the details of my world. The truth is, l love pop music, I love country music and I love honesty. The Yellow Boxes EP is a collection of pop songs with some country flare that represent me more than any other previous release. The trials of self discovery, addiction, failure, success, heartbreak, and the realization that life kinda sucks when you push people away. It has been an amazing experience and one I can’t wait to share.”

So there you go! The tour, which kicks off on Sept. 17, will start in Phoenix, AZ, and as Ward has hinted on Twitter and via his website, might just contain a few secret shows in cities not listed.

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So if you are even just the tiniest bit of a fan, you’ll definitely want to check in with his site and see what’s happening when he gets close to your town!

The full tour dates (so far) are listed below. Be sure to watch the lyric video for Yellow Boxes above on repeat until you can see him live. And if you have an extra ticket or ten, be sure to call us up!

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